Kiwi!3D: Making your work flow

The team around Kiwi!3D is working hard to further optimize the plug-in.
To make the potential of Kiwi!3D clear to a user group as large as possible, we provide the current beta version here. Feedback is always highly appreciated.

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Work in Progress
This is a work-in-progress version. Therefore, we accept no responsibility for results obtained by the application of this software. We are still busy developing and extending. However, a lot of nice things are already included, which we would like to share with you.

Once downloaded you can install Kiwi!3D by double-clicking the installer file (.rhi). If this is not working, try the manual set-up process, which is described in the documentation.

The current version has got a time lock of 90 days. Within this time an update version will be available for you. Any project/dissemination activities must reference/credit the software/authors.

VALID PERIOD: no expiry date
VersionDescriptionValid Period

BETA 0.5.0

– option for running solver in the background (no freeze of canvas) 
– surface result display with isolines
– preview prestress direction
– refinement with approximated element size
– choosing units for MaterialDefault
without expiry date

BETA 0.4.0

– vector result plot for 2d elements (shell, membrane)
– advanced settings for orientation for support axis
– sliding contact possible (point-wise connection which can slide)
– sissor hinge setting possible
– several optimizations of user interface and bug fixes

expired (01.10.2020)

BETA 0.3.0– membrane settings added
– moving clamped support at start/end added
– flying node limit for deformed model added
– edgesupport improved
– 2d-element result improved (value and location are returned)
expired (01.02.2020)
BETA 0.2.1– bug fixesexpired (01.08.2019)
BETA 0.2.0– standard steel profile sections
– beam element: output of stresses and utilization (von Mises) available
– advanced/improved result display options for Beam/Cable
– improved solver functionalities
– unit converter

expired (01.08.2019)

BETA 0.1.0

– deconstruct section component
– von Mises stress output for beams
– show errorlog in GH
– load cases for linear analysis
– refinement preview
– set global penalty factor
– deformed elements with reference

expired (01.02.2019)

WIP 0.0.5– advanced coupling features
– colourplot for 1D element results
WIP 0.0.4– joined breps can be handled
– support force display added
– material defaults component added
– advanced shell force display added
WIP 0.0.3– extended display settings
– several bug fixes
WIP 0.0.2– colourplot for 2D element results
– several bug fixes
WIP 0.0.1– releaseexpired